The weeks student voice session was held at the wonderful community and exhibition Space ‘Leadworks’. Students looked at the job application process and how it is split into essential qualities and desirable qualities. The students started by coming up with their own job specifications and then comparing them to real-life ones. They then reflected on what those qualities look like in real life, linking it to adults they know. This will help prepare students for the interview process and give them information to keep in mind when they interview candidates in the future and will benefit them in the future when they apply for jobs. Year 8 student Josh said “It felt different and right to tackle tasks we wouldn’t normally do, we will be in the right mindset for the next time we interview”

This weeks’ Student Voice Photographers were Alex and Jasmine. Alex said “Taking pictures gave me a different perspective, I had more freedom to watch and see everyones opinions” Jasmine struggled at first to take a step back and watch as a photographer “Im not used to being on the outside, that took a little while to get used to”. Jasmine loves being part of student voice: “You get to express your opinion and you don’t get attacked for that or told your wrong, it all gets taken into account”

Students are looking forward to their next Leadworks student voice session!

Student Voice 05 02 2020