Jack and his brother is a YouTube Channel for kids.

Wazzle the tongue twisting wizard !!! is a story by Archie.

Archie wrote his amazing story as part of The Future project for Jack and his brother.

The Future project, which is in its fourth year, puts students from Years 3 and 4 together with students from PCA Pre-Degree Media Production to make films.

The younger students write the stories to a brief.    Some of the stories are then selected to be voiced by their authors, being recorded in the radio studio at The Red House.    The stories and the audio files are then given to the Pre-Degree students who endeavour to make them into films. Not always with success!

Archie’s story was written in 2017 and made into a film.     Janie Grace, Jack and his brother”s Director and architect of The Future project,  made an editorial decision and decreed that the story deserved a better realisation.   Archie was invited to record the voice over and a new film was made.
Three other Future Films have made it onto the channel:   Alienators, The Hamster that wanted to go to Space and The Journey of the Unicorn.  Plus a story from the 2019 group, Sirena Fox has been accepted and will be posted in a few weeks time.