This week we have welcomed an entrepreneurial talk from the the Managing Director of the DBI (Diversity Business Incubator), Jabo Butera, and his inspirational wife Liliane Uwimana. They were invited to the assembly to relate their real life experiences by illustrating how ideas can materialise into business, partnerships and community organisations. By telling their story, both entrepreneurs were eager to inspire our students to ‘have a go’ at developing their talents and interests and not be afraid of obstacles as anything is possible and support is available.  

Further work and engagements are considered via networking lunches, the Careers Fair and delivery of financial literacy workshops. Jabo responded to one student’s curiosity and engagement by sponsoring his attendance to next week’s fashion show, Unwrapped.

The presentation was met with enthusiasm as students plan further meetings to present their business plans. A thoughtful acknowledgement of gratitude was sent that reads:

‘Thank you for the husband and wife to coming into school and talking to us about how they got to the place that they are at now. It’s very inspiring for me and others.’ Y11 student

  • Tors Froud

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jabo at a seminar last week. The Making Waves Together project are teaming up with Plymouth Hope, Jabo wants to get the first surfing refugee family, living in PL1 to come through the Project!