Across the weekend of the 14th May, staff from PSCA and their families and friends took part in a challenge like no other. Hope24 is a running event which allows you to enter either as part of a relay team, or as a solo runner. Between 12pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday, you are challenged to run or walk as many 5 mile laps of Newnham Park as you can. Some of our team surpassed their own expectations and some of us had to slow down due injuries, but either way we were all proud of both our physical and mental achievements.
Here are a few quotes from the staff who took part:
“What stands out the most, is that I want to challenge myself again.”
“A truly magical experience where only your mind controls your capabilities.”
“This experience has opened up a world of opportunities for me. No longer will I restrict myself based on what I THINK I can and can’t do.”

Some of our students also took part in either a 2.4 mile or 2.4km taster of what Hope24 entails.



My experience at this years event went as follows – Newnham Park is a stunning setting for this very friendly and sociable endurance running event. I had some terrific conversations with folks I didn’t know and I got to know some of my colleagues much better also, which was wonderful. The support and care of the organisers and fellow runners was incredible. I busted my knee at 20 miles and was hobbling down any descent (and there are a lot of those) and whoever passed me would check in that I was ok and if I was in need of help. These small tokens are precious when you are feeling a bit wobbly.

My daughter and her friend came along and entertained everyone at the finish line by dancing and cheering the runners along at full volume. They joined me on my last lap which was wonderful as they fully grasped the distance and challenge the runners had with the very hilly terrain. They both plan to run the 2.4mile course next year.

I will be entering into Hope 24 2017 as soon as registration opens. Next year I will train harder and be stronger and I will smash this years 40 mile achievement.



55 miles – hope gives an Opportunity to challenge oneself beyond the extremes and to overcome sticking points both mentally and physically. The support found is other runners and the surreal of the darkness pulls you through the midnight hour as a sudden rush of adrenaline at the sunrise. A truly magical experience where only your mind controls your capabilities and for such a great cause too.