So, after an enforced three-and-a-half months off, Chris has finally returned to work, which means he’s also returned to the Mountain Bike Club! Last Sunday saw him take a group, including one of the coaches-in-training, to Lanhydrock. Despite some exceptionally adverse weather in the morning – driving hail that turned to driving rain, then back – the afternoon provided some excellent, if muddy, riding. All of the riders made great progress, working on using the correct body position to absorb the trail and maintain speed, and the day was finished with a short visit to the play park! The two speedsters of the day were Charlotte and Kaiden (pictured), both of whom tackled a more challenging trail, as well as making additional timed runs, to try to improve their speed.

The club has five groups, all of whom get the opportunity to ride at least twice each half-term, and 5 coaches, with another four volunteers in training. There is also a regular maintenance session held every Wednesday, after school, from 3.30 until 4.30. If you or your child[ren] would like to get involved, please contact Chris by email, on