Head teacher Dave Strudwick has spent this past week visiting Seoul South Korea, attending The International Arts Education week and setting up links with local schools.

“It has been a privilege to take part in round table discussions with educators and artists and policy makers from South Korea and the UK. Today I’m off to visit a primary school. 

It’s fascinating to see the differences in culture. Young children go to school from 9 and then after school go to extra learning sessions until 9 in the evening! I’m not thinking of trying that here. The rate of change in South Korea is hard to appreciate. 

It’s also been very helpful to share our work with others from this country who were not aware of all that we were doing. 

A personal highlight though was seeing our work being described with such a warm reception (see photo). I will share more of my experiences on my return and I’m very hopeful that we will create opportunities, as with our Chengdu Partnership, for staff, parents and children to extend our sense of where the horizon is.”