Phase 1 pupils visit Plymouth College of Art

Our first 2013 cohort of 120 Phase 1 pupils visited Plymouth College of Art’s state of the art glass studios to take part in an exciting collaborative project.

Pupils worked in small groups with Plymouth College of Art’s skilled Glass Technicians to create glass moulds of their hands.

Glass starts as sand, and when it’s heated to a high temperature it melts to form liquid glass. When it is hot it can be formed into different shapes then cooled to become solid again. The children aged between 4-7 were mesmerised by the change in states and the process of making the glass;

It was so cool to see glass being made. It was red hot! I’ve never seen it being made before! 

Zack, Year 2

P9150275 as Smart Object 1 Glass Hand Tiles












Photograph by Tatsu Ishikawa, Graphic Design Student at Plymouth College of Art

The Technicians enjoyed working with our pupils and commented on the children’s responses to the activity;

It was about the children’s reactions to the material that was the real treat for us. Hot glass is truly a magical material, especially in the eyes of children.

Lawrence, Glass Technician, Plymouth College of Art

When pupils were at the workshops they talked about how smooth and shiny glass can be but also how dangerous it can be too if it is dropped and sharp. They talked about all of the different things that can be made out of glass.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the school and the college to collaborate on this project and enhance creative learning for students across both organisations. We are looking forward to sharing lots more high quality learning opportunities together in the future.

Look out for the glass hand art installation on display in our new school building next year!