The Mountain Bike Club got off to a flying start to 2018, with a trip to Plymbridge Woods on Sunday. We are very lucky to have such good trails right on the edge of the city, thanks to the National Trust, and there was a resounding chorus of approval from all of the students, most of whom were riding these trails for the first time.

One of the first features we stopped to session (sessioning is where you repeatedly ride a feature, rather than riding the whole length of the trail) was a small but fun jump. All four of the riders managed to get both wheels off the ground, and had a lot of fun doing it! After riding the whole trail, stopping a couple of times to session a few more features, we lunched by the river, just above the carpark. Re-fueled and raring to go again, we headed back up into the woods, where we enjoyed some afternoon sun as we sessioned the top section of the red trail.

Having started riding at 10:05am, by 2:30pm all the riders had had their fill, and there were some tired legs as we rolled, at a much gentler pace(!) back to Coypool carpark, to meet parents. Overall, this was a hugely successful trip that got 2018 off to a great start for the PSCA Mountain Bike Club! If you would like to join us on our rides, please email for more details.