By Luka Year 9

On the 30th of November some opportunity seeking French students travelled all the way from Paris to Plymouth School of Creative Arts to meet our year 9 GCSE French students.

There was lots of preparation for what was coming, and it was definitely worth it. The students introduced themselves to one another and even cooked together! The conversations the students were able to have with each other were incredible, and with all the French and English each of the students had been learning, the questions just got even more interesting.

The reason this meet-up took place was to get to know what life is like in France, the differences and the similarities. In the future we are hoping to send the students to Paris to find out lots more about the education system and the language in general. This will be great for the students to make even more friends and perhaps keep them as pen pals!

“They were cool, and awesome” – Marcin.

“It was an amazing feeling, I got to know some interesting people” – Kate.

“I liked it, it was really fun, especially making a radio broadcast” – Chloe.

The trip in the future may take a while to plan but an opportunity like this one is unmissable…

French students visit our school