On Friday 19th January, the main atrium was buzzing! A group of students who are soon taking part in our first ever PSCA exchange with Spain, as well as the staff accompanying them, ran a very well attended Flamenco and Paella night. This event aimed at raising money to decrease the cost of the trip and therefore support our families.

Jake and the kitchen staff produced a delicious paella. The PTFA team were running the bar. Half of our students were working hard in the kitchen while the other half were selling the tapas they had made the day before, taking photos,  encouraging the guests to buy raffle tickets for our generous hamper, selling tickets at the door, cleaning or simply checking that the guests were alright. An incredible group of people!!!

The night was animated by Guy, a player of Spanish guitar and the beautiful and powerful Mercedes, a flamenco dancer who gives lessons at PSCA every Thursday.

Connie, y9 student part of the exchange comments “I enjoyed the atmosphere because everyone looked very happy and joined in the energetic flamenco dancing. I want to thank everyone who came, for making the event a success.”

Rookie, y10 student part of the exchange adds “It was a very exciting night. A few people were trying to speak to me in Spanish and I tried to answer to them in Spanish too. There was a really good vibe about the place, a great atmosphere and it was so fun to make the food all together. I am impressed by the amount of money we raised, speechless! I am quite proud of us actually, especially proud of the students who helped who are not even taking part in the exchange.”

We raised about £1000 thanks to everyone who came, thank you so much. And thank you to everyone who often gives their time to allow events like this to take place. Magical!

Angelique, Angie and Danny


Scroll through some of the lovely photos below taken by Year 9 students Connie and Lilly-Mae!

Flamenco and Paella night