Students at our school participated in the 1st Annual Sports Day hosted at our school. Phase 1 students were entered in to a Pentathlon lead by our Year 7 Sport Leaders followed by 25m sprints. Our Year 7’s were given the opportunity to make baseline scores in a variety of events and then having an individual challenge to try to beat their own scores, times or distances. There was an absolutely fantastic atmosphere amongst students, parents and staff with an emphasis on enjoying and celebrating sport within our school for all ages and abilities.
The main event saw the Year 7 students run around the outside of our school (300m) which has been named as our ‘Chariots of Fire’ race. With music from Alan and the children cheering each other on, it was a truly spectacular end to the day and saw James and Elena from Year 7 take the honours of quickest times for the boys and girls event. These times, amongst the other Year 7 events, have started our inaugural records for our school.

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