GCSE Results Day 

*Anyone that was not able to collect their results today have had their results emailed to them on your school email address! *

GCSE results are published on Thursday 20th August 2020. Information regarding the collection of results will be updated as soon as possible 

We understand that this has been an unusual and worrying time for students and parents, in the absence of students being able to sit their exams as planned and as you are aware our teaching staff have been busy assessing students Centre Assessed Grades for submission to the exam boards.

We are planning a results collection as usual in school on 20th August.  Due to current restrictions, social distancing will need to be adhered to and have therefore, arranged collections in groups to avoid students arriving in large groups.  We would therefore like to invite you in on 20th August 2020 to collect your results.

We have staggered the collection time to observe social distancing.

Group A – 10am to 10.30 students whose surname begins with A-F

Group B – 11am to 11.30 students whose surname begins with G-N

Group C – 12am to 12.30 students whose surname begins with O-W

Staff will be available on the day should you wish to discuss your next steps or understanding your results.

Should you prefer to have your results emailed or posted please reply to exams@psca.co.uk as soon as possible, providing the address you wish your results to be sent to.  Results will be sent using your school email address which will be kept live until after results are released.  

If you wish you can send someone to collect your results on your behalf, but you must send an email of authorisation to exams@psca.co.uk as soon as possible.

Provided with your results will be some information regarding retakes and appeals, which I suggest you read and respond to if necessary and as soon as possible after receiving your results.


Examination Summer 2020

As you will be aware Exams this summer have been cancelled and our teachers have been working hard to create Centre Assessment Grades following the Ofqual Guidance.  Ofqual guidance documents and information can be found Ofqual guidance

The Schools has a policy which specifically relates to this summer PACA Covid Policy for Examinations 2020.

Phase 3 and 4 Information for Students and Parents/Guardians regarding Exams.

It is the aim of PACA to make the examination experience as successful and stress-free as possible for all candidates and their parents/guardians.

We have created a handbook for students and parents. Please read it carefully so that you are aware of the examination regulations and the procedures to follow in the event of any problems occurring.

We are currently registered with the following Exam Boards (or Awarding Bodies) for our GCSE and Vocational Qualifications:

The JCQ and Exam Boards set down strict criteria which must be followed for the conduct of examinations and PACA is required to follow them precisely.  You should, therefore, pay particular attention to the JCQ documents which contain important information for candidates and can be found below – all candidates must read these documents.

As part of our Vocational courses (BTEC and UAL), we offer a separate handbook for guidance to candidates and how parents and teachers will support them.

BTEC Student Handbook

If you have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the examinations please contact:

    • Your Tutor
    • Your Phase Leader
    • The Examinations Officer is Verena Emond.

Examinations Officer 

Mrs Verena Emond 

Please contact Verena if you have any queries or concerns regarding the examination process or results exams@psca.co.uk

Illness and Absence From Examinations

Should any student be unable to attend an examination because of illness or emergency it is vital that parents inform the School as soon as possible.

All absences from examinations for medical reasons must be supported by a Medical Certificate obtained from your doctor., within 5 days of the illness. Without such proof of illness, the examination authorities can refuse to give any special consideration.

If a delay occurs on the way to an examination which means that a student may miss the start time of an exam, please inform the school as soon as possible and students must continue to come into school and report to reception upon arrival.

PACA Exam policies – School Policies for exams are available upon request to exams@psca.co.uk

JCQ Information for Candidates can be found on the JCQ website – 

JCQ Website

Examination timetables – There are no current timetabled exams.