Last weekend there were four of our DofE groups out on Dartmoor, taking part in a variety of expeditions. The first group out were the Silver group, who set out late on Friday morning, to meet at Shipley Bridge. For many of the group this was the first time they had ever walked on Dartmoor, never mind undertaken a self-sufficient, three day expedition. It would be fair to say that some significant lessons were learnt, but by the time the group rolled into Princetown on Sunday afternoon, some 40Kms later, there was an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement in the air! The group will be spending a day in August, preparing for their qualifying expedition in September.

The second practice expedition left from Coypool Carpark, on Saturday morning. There is no question that the unsung hero of this expedition was Ciaran, who voluntarily joined a group of five girls, which could have gone horribly wrong for any lesser man! However, I have received an email from the group’s assessor, which was hugely complimentary of the whole group, as well as of Sarah, from Phase One, who was there to support the group. This Bronze group, as with the Silver group, will be undertaking their qualifying expedition in September.
The remaining two groups also went out on Saturday morning, but these guys were to undertake their Bronze Qualifying expeditions. One group, comprised of four individuals, took a route that skirted open moorland, from Merrivale up to Okehampton. Despite one medical drop out on day two, the assessor allowed the group to complete their expedition, as they were over the hard part and on the cycle/footpath that follows the railway line all the way in to the station. The second group also had a near medical drop out, but this time before they even started, with one of the group only being cleared on Friday afternoon. The significance of this is that this group, comprised of six individuals, were taking a wheelchair with them, to support two of their number. In a wonderful display of teamwork, the whole team pulled together to ensure that all six individuals completed the expedition, to the assessor’s satisfaction.
It is with great pride that I can tell you, thanks to their successful completion of the expeditions, seven of our students have now qualified for their Bronze Award, the first DofE Awards achieved by any PSCA students!
A final thanks must go to Rob, who tirelessly shuttled the bus back and forth, all weekend, to ensure that students and staff were in the right places at the right times. He got home after six on Sunday, so thanks again Rob.
Congratulations to all of the students involved in such a successful weekend. If you or your child[ren] would like to be involved in the DofE next year, please email Chris on