We have used architecture as the context for much of our Maths studies this term. There is obviously so much mathematical content to be found when studying and designing buildings; we have identified parallel and perpendicular lines, found the areas and perimeters of different rooms, reconnected with 3-D shapes and used scale to try and produce the kind of drawings that an architect might use.
We are currently working on a mini-project involving the design of our own building. We are deciding the purpose of the structure and producing architectural sketches and floor plans as well as drafting a piece of writing that outlines the purpose of our building and the rationale behind the materials used.
This will give us a taste of some of the skills we might need in our end of term project.


Discover Maths from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

  • Olivera crabtree

    Lovely video please post some more. Well done girls x