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The school’s purpose is defined as ‘Creating Individuals, Making Futures’.  The intention of this page is to describe our digital vision and our approach in relation to our purpose. As we look to transform students lives we want students to achieve both academically and develop the ‘21st century skills’ they will need to be successful in today’s world. These skills are summed up by the My Ways Framework below:



Digital learning is an important part of our school culture. It is not about the technology but about the conversations that support learning through working in this manner. The use of technology underpins the school’s vision, helping to create a community that learns, studies and explores in a rapidly changing digital world. Our students should be digitally literate and confident, inspired by creative teaching.

We will work towards a school where stage not age is facilitated by an intelligent digital engine which aligns student needs, spaces and resources in an agile manner, making obsolete the timetable set once a year, creating the possibility of a transformed learning experience. We want to ensure that our digital approach supports our purpose and facilitates the telling of the story of our school which becomes a part of the way we work and grow.

We want to utilise an approach that blends the digital and non-digital to ensure that we improve student learning outcomes as a deliberate and consistent part of the school’s ethos and pedagogy.


Further Information

For further information about different areas of our digital approach please use the links below. We use a number of products that support our approach. This includes:

Progresso where your child’s data is stored on our School Management SystemPlease use this link to find out how You can access information yourself from Progresso.

Click here to login to Progresso

Hero for Project Based Learning – Click here for information on how to access Hero

Click here to login to Hero

RealizeIt to support Maths and soon Literacy. There is a short film below showing you how to support your child with logging in here. The log in page is directly below the film.


Click here to login to RealizeIt

How can I use realizeit to support my Maths learning?

The following videos give advice on how to use and navigate Realizeit so you can use it most effectively. Just click on the link for the area you need further detail around.

Courses and information video shows you how to find your way through the courses

Milestones (sub courses) shows you how to find your way through the milestones

Milestones and learning maps shows you how to look at the learning maps

Tapestry is used in Phase 1 to share your child’s learning journey

For articles published about our approach please go the following page

Digital Principles that we develop include:

  1. Learning and Pedagogy is redefined by the use of digital technologies; from film to machine learning to flipped studios.
  2. The school leverages the potential of personal mobile learning technologies to support 24/7 access to learning resources in and out of the school environment.
  3. Students know how to maximise the use of digital technologies and keep themselves safe online.
  4. The school increases access and opportunity with a focus on inclusive and sustainable use of digital technologies.
  5. Staff Development is enhanced through work with others online, digital partners and the use of digital platforms. The school develops staff confidence, pedagogy and subject knowledge so they can become leaders of technology in the classroom.
  6. Parent Engagement is supported by digital technology. The school engages with parents and the wider community so they feel empowered to support and keep their children safe online.
  7. Our infrastructure supports rapidly changing digital ecosystems, with students using a range of devices alongside their own.
  8. Our school is redefined to meet student’s learning needs matching resource to intervention, stepping over traditional structures such as year groups.
  9. Mutual partnerships provide investment and a new sense of horizon e.g. Centric, Realizeit, iDAT etc.



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