On Wednesday 11th November a group of year 7’s and 8’s attended the Annual Devon Table Tennis Team Championships held at Eggbuckland Community College. We signed in then watched some of the under 16’s matches while we waited for ours to begin. Then the boys went down to their area and the girls went off to their area and when we got there, there were already other teams there.
After that all the boys from PSCA played their games and won their first ones. We all played 3 or 4 matches throughout the day and there was only one team that could beat us. In between each match we had a break to have some food or practice on a free table which was useful to get us ready for the next match we played.
We all had a chance to referee and the whole day overall was quite fun. The boys came fourth in the under 13 group and the girls came second in their group. We headed back to school having had a great day. Thank to Russ and Ben who took us there and who organised our team to play.
written by Sachin (Year 7)
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  • Lucy Dodsworth

    Evie really enjoyed the day, I hope this is the first of many more days showing off your sporting talents!

  • Nigina

    i hear this is a very good school

  • Perween