Rambert Dance Company Visit

Last week, students from Phase 3 and 4 had the amazing opportunity to participate in workshops with a dancer from Rambert Dance Company, some even went to watch their performance at the Theatre Royal on the Wednesday night.

Students from our Year 10 Performing Arts course and Year 11 GCSE Dance had the opportunity to watch Rambert’s new performance piece ‘Life is a Dream’.

The following day, a member of the company visited the school and taught workshops to some of our Year 7 students who have selected dance as their Performance lesson Winter Project. The GCSE dancers also had the chance to work with Effie, the Rambert practitioner, which was a valuable chance for them to learn some of the work that they are currently studying as part of the GCSE Dance Anthology.

It was a very exciting opportunity for some of our keen movers to work alongside a professional and learn some of the company’s repertoire. The workshops were fun and energetic and explored the company’s movement made to the stimulus of Brazilian culture and celebration.

As a school, we hope to welcome Rambert back in the future.



One Dance UK Awards 2018

The dance team at Plymouth School of Creative Arts would like to say a huge congratulations to the wonderful June Gamble who was recently both nominated and shortlisted for the Jane Attenborough Award for Contribution to Dance!

June is Coordinating Producer for Plymouth Dance, an organisation that aims to connect, create and celebrate dance in Plymouth and is based at the school. She has been a huge support and mentor for dance at Plymouth School of Creative Arts and key in the development of the schools dance programme and connections with the community.


Left to right: Karen Gallagher, Jacky Lansley (winner of the award) ad June Gamble.


Must watch! – Strictly and Candoco

Strictly Come Dancing are doing something amazing at the moment in showcasing the beauty of inclusive dance! This piece was choreographed for the Strictly Dancers and the dancers from Candoco Dance Company by Arlene Phillips. It is a lovely example of there being no limitations in dance and that everything is adaptive and possible. What is amazing is that these ideas are now being shared widely and are receiving the recognition of the general public through platforms such as Strictly Come Dancing.



Must watch! – Darcey Documentary

Darcey Bussell has recently released a short documentary film for the BBC titled ‘Darcey Bussell: Dancing to Happiness’. It is a beautiful film and well worth watching.