Phase 3 Winter Project Sharings

Students in Phase 3 who have selected Dance as their end of year project have this week been sharing their work to the rest of their year group in sessions. All students who have been working  on their selected option have been busy developing skills in choreography and performance in order to create an end of term piece.


Year 7 have been working as a whole team making a dance company. This term we had 35 students sign up to dance and every person had a role as either a performer, costume and make-up designer or a lighting and stage technician. Every single student has stepped up to their role and completed tasks in each area, contributing to the overall performance of a dance made based on the stimulus of ‘Journey’. Dancers have used images from a chosen source in order to make their movement which was performed to great success on Monday during their session.


Year 8 have been working on a more individual level creating dances in smaller groups but using the same stimulus of ‘Journey’. They have been able to work alongside other students that were tasked with being the technician or being the designer for their pieces in order to create a finished performance.


Phase 4 Winter Show


Congratulations to our GCSE Dancers who really stepped up during our Phase 4 Winter Show and shared their current assessment pieces to a big audience! Students have been working on their Duet/Trio module which allowed for a collaboration between themselves and other practitioners in order to create a final piece. The dancers have been working really hard during sessions to make choreography themselves as well as participating in workshops with James Wilton, Avante Garde Dance Company, FUSE Diverse Dance and Rambert Dance Company in order to inform some of their ideas.

Healthy Active Lifestyles Day!


On Friday 7th December, Phase 4 students had the opportunity to participate in a range of different workshops as part of their exploration of leading a healthy active lifestyle. As part of the day, a team from Exim Dance Company attended school to lead a full day of workshops to 30 of our students.


Everyone who took part in the workshops participated in both a taught class elements and a making element with a sharing in the theatre at the end. The performances were amazing to watch, with quite a few students who wouldn’t normally have access to dance really shining and sharing their enjoyment of the subject.


Exim Dance Company run weekly sessions for interested students to attend. These will start back after christmas on 14th January.