Choices Booklet – Year 9

Welcome to our new Secondary curriculum, which will be implemented from September 2020, and the enrichment stage where students make Choices about some of the subjects they would like to study in Year 9. 

The curriculum at PACA will ensure that all children have access to a wide range of learning opportunities. Experiences will be designed to be enriching and engaging. Learning will be planned to include real life events and drawing on prior knowledge, enabling children to make connections and to develop their cultural experiences. Teaching and Learning across the school draws on nationally recognised and research-led approaches and aims to equip children to make strong progress towards agreed end points. We continue to work hard so that we fully prepare your children for their next stages of education and to lead their own successful lives.

We are looking to develop a strong ‘co-curriculum’, which means an exciting and creative range of extracurricular activities, training and educational opportunities. This will support our academic curriculum and vice-versa. This will allow students, staff and even parents to add to their own learning and development. We are maintaining and strengthening our links with Plymouth College of Art who we hope will play a key role in this provision.

I hope to meet with you in face to face meetings in the Autumn term and will write to you during this term about our values, expectations and vision for our school.

Warm Wishes

Polly Lovell

Secondary Head


Timeline for parents and students – Choices Process (Year 8 to Year 9)

The choices process is an enrichment stage at Key Stage 3 so Year 9 students are fully prepared for Key Stage 4.

Thursday 29th May

Letter sent to you from Polly Lovell (Head of Secondary School) outlining the curriculum model and the choices process.

Monday 1st June – Friday 5th June 

You will receive a phone call from a member of the SLT to discuss the curriculum model and the choices process. You will also receive your child’s most recent Assessment Snapshot to better understand their attainment and progress ahead of decision-making. 

Monday 8th June

Parents and students will be sent letters to access the choices process which will include

  • Online Choices forms
  • Online Choices booklet which will contain information about the subject choices, timeline, frequently asked questions and the choices process.

Monday 8th June – Friday 12th June 

Staff will be available to pick up on any queries or issues with the choices process.

Monday 15th June 

All choice forms must be completed by students and parents

Please click on the link below for more details about the choices process and different subject areas available.

Choices Process for Students and Parents.


Year 9 – Subjects Choices

Computer Science
Art and Design
PE/ Sport
Performing Arts
DT / Engineering
Hospitality and Catering