A group of Phase Four students over the past few months have been taking part in a wonderful project called “PROCESSIONS”.

Women of all ages have come together to discuss issues important to them and ‘make’ in a meaningful way. Cornish Artist Elizabeth Masterton has been supporting the project along with PSCA Art and Textiles teacher Ali Goodworth and PCA Lecturer in Creative Education Natalia Eernstman.  Together with students from Plymouth College of Art, students and staff have been making banners, flags and pennants based on ideas and feelings they want to voice, that they will hold and wave when they attend the ‘Procession’ in London on Sunday 10th June.

Processions aims to be  “a portrait of women in the 21st century”

“The Suffrage campaigners of the 19th and 20th centuries knew the importance of voice and expression. In the years leading up to 1918, the Suffrage campaigners marched by the thousands together through city streets to demand the vote. Through the beautiful hand-made banners they carried, they made a visual snapshot of women’s history, achievements and aspirations.”

“On Sunday 10th of June, women and girls in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London will walk together as part of this celebratory mass participation artwork.”

These images capture the wonderful work of our students in the lead up to London event in a few weeks!

Processions Banner Making