Our making project is a led project made by Mike “Boat Building”. We are restoring  two firefly dinghy the first one is No.7 and will be painted  red
Our objective is to start sailing the boats by September and for members of the club to get RYA  training certificates.
This week we have been vanishing one of the boats.  Also we have sanded down the blue boat, this is the seventh Firefly racing dinghy ever made, after that we painted on the undercoat for the boat, we will then paint the boat red.
Next making project we might be working on the inside of the boat, depending if we finish our work this week.  There is a lot to do.
Trinity House have very kindly donated £2,200  to help pay for part of the training that we will complete in the boats
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  • Steve Hoare

    It is very nice to see children being encouraged to restore a wooden boat as opposed to going into sailing by using the latest plastic dinghies. there is so much value in working on a boat before using it. Its a much more ecological approach. In addition, the need to work on boats by maintaining them during winter is much more educationally valuable than leaving a pile of plastic boats to degrade outside over the years. There are thousands of similar wooden sailing dinghies out there which we should use to the end of their lives before making new ones, with all the environmental problems that creates. So, all in all I think this is a great idea. Well done. I’m sure you have one but I have a steel firefly centreboard which I have no need for, and possibly one or two of the bronze fittings.

  • Mark Ellerby

    Steve Hoare – what an excellent comment! Completely agree from a sustainability point of view! Building a Mirror in my garage at age14/ 15 completely changed my world view of things and I am sure influenced me in my career path of architecture/design/practical things besides a life long love of the sea and sailing. Will never forget (copper) stitch and glue and the smells of resins or the joy of sailing my own hand built boat which I still have!

  • Nigel Mashembo

    Dominic & Barbara what a fantastic thing you are doing for the children and the marine industry. I’m sure every child that gets involved in the project will have some lifelong skills and a desire to get on the water in a classic Firefly dinghy. Keep up the good work.