Things are pushing forward for the boatbuilding crew in school. Dominic Bridgman of Lynher Barge CIC was in for a day before Christmas leading a workshop with a group of students that have been dedicated to the project from the start.

This work now happens once a month and excellent progress is being made.  We have two boats ready to sail, have started work on the next two and we have now excitingly secured sailing training from Royal Navy Sailing Club “Camber” thanks to the hard work of Barbara Bridgman.

Boatbuilding club will continue with Mike every Monday and the day workshops with Dominic will be going ahead once a month. We are also really excited to be part of the Tate exchange at the end of this month.

It has been lovely to see the hard work of staff and students beginning to come to fruition.

By Mike Everett-Lindsay

Boat Renovation Exhibition Week