Positive Behaviour

Rewards and Sanctions
We have made updates to both our rewards and positive behaviour systems. We believe this will support excellent outcomes for all our young people. We are keen to maintain and further develop a positive ethos
across the school founded upon high expectations for all.
Millbay Academy has many exemplary students that deserve recognition and praise. We believe in celebrating success, recognising and rewarding students who demonstrate the Academy values of Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Curiosity and Creativity. Students will receive merits for positive actions within lessons, attending extracurricular activities, having exceptional attendance as well as demonstrating excellent behaviour and outstanding contributions to the school community. Celebration assemblies will see students receive a full range of rewards on a regular basis. This will be further developed with the student voice.
Key Stage 3 and 4
As an Academy, it is also vital that we provide a safe, calm and orderly environment where all students are ready to learn, are successful, and no individual impacts on the learning of others.
It is important that all students and parents, as well as our staff, are clear on what is acceptable behaviour and the consequences of negative behaviours. Our positive behaviour systems have been further developed following feedback from students, staff and evaluation, in order to address some concerns and ensure learning experiences are not impacted upon by a minority of students.
Any student who displays persistent disruptive behaviour in lessons or during break-times and fails to respond to a verbal warning, followed by a 1-point warning, will be collected to study in the Removal Room. In this room they will stay and work for a full school day. For example, if a student is extracted during period 2, they will be in the Removal Room for periods 3,4 and 5, followed by period 1 and 2 the following day. They will return to lessons at the start of period 3.

Any student displaying a “Red Card” behaviour will also be extracted immediately to the Removal Room or excluded. These’ red card’ behaviours include:
·   Persistent disruptive behaviour
·   Refusal to follow reasonable requests
·   Persistent lateness
·   Truanting – leaving lesson/school site without permission
·   Swearing at, aggressive behaviour or intimidation towards staff/students
·   Anti-social behaviour and unsafe behaviour (to include Covid safety advice)
·   Failure to comply with school uniform policy
·   Failure to attend 2-point (lunchtime detention) or 3-point (after school detention)
·   PE kit 3 rd offence
·   Confiscation of mobile phone or device 3 rd offence
·   Other

*Please note – Mobile phones must be switched off and put away in bags whilst on the Academy site, including during break and lunchtimes. If Parents and Carers need to contact urgently, they should contact reception. A message will then be passed on.
The expectations to study within the Removal Room will be simple and are an opportunity for pupils to demonstrate that they can follow expectations. Any pupil who fails to follow basic rules within the Removal Room will also risk exclusion and upon return, will be required to complete another full day in the RemovalRoom.
We want to be able to work closely with Parents and Carers and will inform via Arbor message if your child has been placed in the Removal Room. Teachers, Faculty Leads or Senior Leaders who have placed a student in the Removal Room will aim to phone parents/carers within 24 hours to explain the reason for extraction and how a restorative conversation will take place with the student. Further sanctions will be used if required.

We hope you understand the reasons and importance of maintaining a safe environment conducive to high quality learning, where behaviour is managed consistently, fairly and with mutual respect.

Thank you for supporting us in the measures we have taken so that every student can benefit from high quality learning, at all times.