Barge Residential Weekends
One of the weekends has had to be rearranged in the spring due to the weather but two of the planned residentials resulted in 5 families having the opportunity to sleep (or not to sleep) in a hammock on a restored Barge on the Tamar River. Looking after the Barge, preparing their meals, learning new skills, knots, sailing, rowing, foraging on the beach for food. The families really did throw themselves into doing it all and what an experience- no electricity or running water for 48 hours! The barge will be out of the water for the winter but with an opportunity for families to assist with care and maintenance with the barge as a day out, with hot chocolate provided!



Sailing and Paddlesports at the Mount Batten Centre (MBC)
We had an incredible sailing and paddlesports free taster day on Sunday 23 Sept, with 50 participants over 19 families taking part in sailing, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. The sun shone, the laughter echoed and one mum said how lovely it was to spend such quality time on the water with her son- no distractions, just fresh family fun. The three police officers that joined in the day got very wet, having decided to try and dunk the instructors, but all falling in themselves! This is the last watersports taster day for this year, but there will be sessions run on a Sunday morning at MBC over the autumn, winter and spring.



Surfing Taster Days
There are free family surfing taster days available on Sun 28th October and Sat 3rd Nov, min age 11,
For more information on all of the above please contact Tors

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