As part of our ongoing work with Year 11 transitioning into post 16 provision, we recently spent a day with the Pre-degree lecturers at Plymouth College of Art. Students had already experienced a taster day in school earlier in the year and were building on that experience to help them select appropriate courses to apply for.  
These workshops helped give students a chance to meet their potential lecturers, find out about the UAL Diplomas and International Baccalaureate programmes and have a felt experience of being a student on the Palace Court campus.
Workshops included: Photography, Media, Graphics, Illustration and Game Arts (GIGA), Fashion, Art and Design, Japanese language and Performing Arts.  There was pizza for lunch too and application stations to help students with their next steps and applications if needed.
Feedback from students has been really positive: Callum took part in the storyboarding GIGA workshop” It was actually quite good, I enjoyed it” Angela took part in the Japanese Culture workshop. This forms part of the International Baccalaureate Extended Diploma programme offered by the college. “They were impressed with my Japanese Pronunciation. I made origami and wrote in Japanese writing”.We are very thankful to the fantastic team at Plymouth College of Art Pre-Degree who supported the day and who organised these extra workshops for our students and look forward to seeing our next cohort progress along the continuum and transition into their next stage of learning.

Art College Taster Day 2020