Phase Three and Four recently enjoyed a 10th Day programme centred around Art and Algorithms.
5 one hour workshops ran across the school studios, to help students explore the ability to understand their learning through the lenses of logic and creativity.

Cross studio teams worked to facilitate activities to open the students’ eyes to the connection between their creative traits and their curricula, to give students a challenge to decompose, to create the empty stage to allow them to spot patterns, think algorithmically, debug problems and work together.

In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students made connections between patterns of symmetry in Chromatography and patterns in their own learning; links between geometry and tattoo design; and tessellation in art through Escher. Links between music and algorithms were explored in Dance – students ‘Coding’ their own dance and recognising sequence, iteration and loops- understanding computer programming in an expressive and visual way.

When discovering symmetry asymmetry and in Culinary Arts, one student noted that ” This workshop helps me cook: because when I look at the different shapes of pastas, the thicker it is, the longer it takes to cook. By drawing the shapes, it helps me relax and notice things I hadn’t notice before and it helps me to make sense of the cooking aspect of it.”

Suzanne Swift who organised and facilitated the day said:

“We look forward to continuing our explorations in the studio over the next term, empowering our students to embrace their learning style – whether expressed through art or through computational thinking or a wonderful blend of both skills.”

Year 9 students Elliot and Holly photographed the different workshops throughout the day which can be seen alongside staff photos by scrolling through the images below.

Art and Algorithms