Our recent student voice session focused on opinions and how we justify them. Students looked at a list of statements which they had to discuss and decide if they agree or disagree and explain why. 
Each student had the responsibility for one or two statements and also had the opportunity to challenge one another. 

Students also created mind maps of clubs that they would be interested in attending.

Student Alexis said that the session: “…focused on the rights and wrongs. For example Seagulls and Pigeons should be culled. I think it should not be happening. Some people had different opinions and I liked that everyone had their own point of view. Someone said something that actually adjusted my point of view”

Student Voice Photographers this week were Xander and Dominic.

Dominic said: “Being a photographer was new because I’ve never actually done it before. It was actually like being a cameraman who takes pictures all around the world. It was tough as every time I tried to click it didn’t work until I got the hang of it. The best bit was I enjoyed having a new experience”

Xander said: “We all had to think of our own point of view of things. We need our own say in our lives so having our point of view heard and having a discussion about it is very helpful and not too demanding. It was really fun. This is my second photoshoot today as I do Photography. It gives me a bit more experience with cameras.”

Student Voice 27 11 2019