‘This big red box full of wonders!’

By Katie Year 9

A common mistake:
“Kids don’t like school!”
“All they do is misbehave!”
“Back in our day..! Etc etc.”
Uh??? No?????

Hi, I’m Katie, can I just talk to you about my perspective on coming back to school? I’m still gonna keep typing even if you say no though.

Adults have a range of opinions on what kids think, do they bother to ask that one simple question? No. What is that question?

“What do you think about coming back to school?”

First let me start you off simply; no I don’t think you have a monkey brain, I just think you don’t have a kids brain, a kid’s mindset. Okay, steering back to topic, adults don’t think like we do, that’s an easy guess.

From down to the way we act and speak, adults think they know us, haha no. We all think differently, and a lot of us enjoy school, me for one because I am a delight. As a fellow thirteen year old, I know, I sound so much more mature in type, I have a better understanding of what goes around in our lil’ brains.

The concept of school to me is: Arrive, Learn, Observe/Analyse, Work, Converse, and Have a Good Time. Sounds simple, right? There’s so much more that happens in a day here, this school especially! Right now, I was buzzing to have the opportunity to write this, whereas some of us would groan about more work. School is different for every one of us! So if you expected me to sit here and tell you about every one of us individually, you were wrong, thank you … next.

This school has less limitations and more space for creativity, and my opinion on coming back, was like watching a flower bloom, wither, and then a more beautiful, vibrant flower take its place. We grow so much more under the creativity of this wonderful school and staff, who influence us to do great things.

We don’t just complain about things. We are tired after a long day and tend to dwell on bad things, making us ignore the opportunities and fun creative things we did previously, but under our cold hormonal shells, there is a small, very bright flower underneath.

And that flower would whisper,

“I love school.”
“I love my friends.”
“It was good to come back to everyone!”
“To come back to this..”
“This place, this big red box, full of wonders, opportunities and creativity, and some hella nice people.”

“I’m glad I’m here.”

And I’m ready to learn.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the beautiful writing Katie, it was wonderful to read whilst I AM away from Plymouth. I was wondering what was happening in the Red Box and I was delighted to discover your wonderful words, an amazing conversation you created.