Rosemary Babiche will also be leading 2 FREE orchestral music clubs:

Orchesterrestrials Phase 3 & 4


Calling all temporarily earth bound instrumentalists in Phases 3 and 4 longing for higher things! In the dark months of the year come together and lighten each other’s days with brilliant new sounds!


Every Tuesday in the music space from 1.00 to 1.45 bring out your instruments and share the music that moves you and amaze us with whatever your instrument can do.  We will start with learning to hear one other with great care, to keep to a pulse, and make up simple tunes, or complex ones if you are ready.  How does it sound?


Everything will be recorded and able to access online later, so you can practise at home, develop the good parts and invent new tunes for next time.  We’ll shine up the brightest pieces for a star performance before the Winter holidays.



Sound Land Orchestra Phase 2


Just beginning to play an instrument?  If you’re in Phase 2, whatever it is, bring it along on Thursday lunchtime in the phase 2 space, 12.15- 1.00.


Enjoy playing some tunes you know and some new ones too, from Little Bow Peep to Lillibulero in PSCA’s Sound Land  Orchestra. Suggest your favourite song – a nursery rhyme or a theme tune from TV and we’ll find a way of playing it tunefully!


This is a really good chance to learn to relax with your instrument and get used to playing in parts, staying aware of your sound while others are playing something different.   Playing in a group is a really important part of being a musician, and it’s never too early to start being a harmonious person!

For more info or to book a place for the club please email &


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