Kat is an artist in residence here for the month.  She studied Fine Art and PCA and since graduating has done a internship at KARST.  The work she makes will be exhibited in the front window gallery space after half term.
She works in a range of materials and is making work in the art studio alongside students which is a great opportunity for our students to see her making.

Images – all are my own, except the ones titled Dom Moore, which are his photos.
Kat Hall (b.1996) is an emerging artist based in Plymouth, UK.The anxiety and instabilities of growing up in a politically, socially and environmentally volatile world have heavily influenced their creative practice. Using a combination of found objects and more traditional art materials, the artist their cultural and aesthetic significance to construct sculptural bodies and arrange immersive scenarios. These works then function as visual case studies for symptoms of the Anthropocene.
During a month-long residency at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Kat will be creating a new piece of work that discusses the relationship between biological and material immortality. Synthetic skeletons mimic the tendrils of the Praya dubia, twins in their durability and gentle, delicate alienness.