Plymouth School of Creative Arts-Red House Radio

Over several weeks the radio team in school of creative arts have been working on a project called 100 Homes Project they have interviewed numerous amount of people.  One of the people they interviewed was called Derek George Baker. We asked him questions about what his life was life in the war and talked about rationing and what they would miss and why. We discussed different jobs you could or might get if you were in the war, some students were looking at pictures and talking and describing them and what was happening in the photos and the younger students talked about being evacuated and if they were to be evacuated what would they pack. They also talked about how they would feel if in the same situation.

The year seven students went out and interviewed staff and students asking lots of interesting questions. Some members of the radio team spent part of their term studying World War Two 2 they made tanks planes and some even tried out some recipes from the war when rationing ( they smelt much better than they tasted ) . Derek George Baker talked with students about his house, his lifestyle and how old he was during the war. A few people wrote diaries of some characters they created from this interview.


You can listen to the radio show created by our students at the exhibition. Some of the work created last term in Phase 2 will also be on show.


Written by Willow Year 7