Year 2

Some of our children walked to Devon Tropicals to purchase our new Studio Pets.
Names of our wonderful 3 fish are yet to be decided, so keep posted to find out what they will be called.

Year 2 Studio Pets

The Year 2 studio have had a busy three weeks out and about!

Trip to Victoria Park. 

On Friday the 16th September Year 2 went to Victoria Park. 

We had an English activity with Jess where we were using Pi Corbetts ‘When I went to Rome’ game to help us extend sentences using prepositions. 

 We competed in a Maths activity with Leea where we did a scavenger hunt, all to do with numbers and place value. 



Trip to Plymouth Library: 

We visited Plymouth Library in 3 groups of 20. We went to the library to research animals for our Non fiction reports. We liked that there were lots of different books for us to choose from to use. Leea even got a library card! There are joining forms for our parents on the Year 2 notice board.

Trip to Plymouth Library:


Trip to Neswick Park. 

On Friday 7th October Year 2 went to Neswick Park. 

We had a Maths activity with Jess, ‘worm hunting’ to help us understand Data Handling. As Scientists we wanted to find out what Camouflage meant. 

We tried out our own performance Poetry with Leea, using Talk 4 Writing techniques to help us learn the Poem ‘My Puppy ate my Earbuds” by Kenn Nesbitt. 

We would like to thank all of our special people who have joined us on our trips over the past 3 weeks, without your continued support we would not be able to make trips happen, and we have had so much fun… So thank you very much!

  Trip to Neswick Park. Year 2 Journeys Year 2’s topic for this term is Journey and each week we have travelled to a different place to explore it. We would like to share some of the beautiful art work the children created with last week whilst finding out all about Bangladesh. The children drew and painted some beautiful Bengal tigers which have small populations in Bangladesh. We hope you like them.     Year 2 Journeys   Wild learning for Empty Classroom Day Students from year 2 left their studio empty for the day today as they embraced outside learning. Staff and students at Plymouth School of Creative arts regularly teach outside, however today saw the year2 studio teach outside all day. The aim of the day was to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. These photos, including images from year 8 student photographer Anna, show a range of outdoor learning by different age groups happening throughout the day, including the lovely sessions happening within year2.   Outdoor Learning Students journey to West Hoe Park Students enjoyed a recent trip to west Hoe park where they explored the theme’s of journey and nature. Students journey to West Hoe Park Release the Frogs We were recently  joined by children and parents of Year 2 to release our Froglets at Mount Stonehouse near Devils Point. Joanne and Hillary were very helpful, and let us release our Froglets in their pond. Lots of fun was had, as our froglets hopped happily around their new home. Inspired by our frog guests, students created clay frogs!   Frogs are released! Drama in English In year 2 we have been learning a Polish folk story about how Poland was founded. We have been using Drama to learn the text, and can now recall the entire story with actions. This will help us when we write our own stories.     Water, water, everywhere!  This is Year 2’s trip to Devil’s Point. We went to Devil’s Point because we have been learning about water and we wanted to learn more. We found all sorts of sea shells then we climbed a big rock and we slid down a large rock. Then we all made a piece of artwork with shells, stones and lots of other things. Reuben did some great art. We were asked to find a rock that was 450 grams. It was amazing! I love Devil’s Point! Lucky us! I hope we can go again. Click on the image below to view the gallery of images: Devils Point Year 2 Trip Sushi Year 2 have been making sushi. We used rice, cucumber, carrot, seaweed and soy sauce. First we got a square of seaweed then we put our hands in the water because the rice was so sticky and the it always stuck to our hands.  So next we squished down the rice and then we put the cucumber and carrot on top and rolled it all up together. Then we had our own sushi to take home. I haven’t eaten it before, it was my first time. It was really fun and yummy when we made sushi. Sushi Inspired by Maths and Science Year 2 have been very hands on with our maths learning this term, exploring using our outside space to consolidate our learning. Year 2 held a science day. We explored 5 different experiments all linked to water. We loved this day, thinking about what happened and why it happened. Each group visited different stations! We made rainbow water, art work, learnt about the water cycle, learnt about water density and learnt about sinking and floating objects.  Click on the image below to view the gallery of images: Science and Maths in year 2 Students enjoy Drama! Year 2 have been exploring Drama on a weekly basis. We have used a story called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We have used our bodies to make buckets. We have looked at using our voices to speak as an ensemble.  Click on the image below to view the gallery: Year 2 Drama Students celebrate World book Day Year 2 students celebrate world book day, and create some Quentin Blake inspired illustrations. Click on the image below to view the gallery of images: World Book Year 2