When Leea heard that Archie (Year 2) was meeting up with his brother and heading off on a Scottish boat adventure, she thought it would be a great opportunity for Archie to carry out some investigative journaling. This led to Archie and mum creating journal pages of our adventures when traveling up and down the Caledonian Canal. Leea suggested Archie think of one particular moment in the holiday and create a newspaper article surrounding this. The minds of children are a fantastic mystery, as Archie choose the occasion when in Loch Ness I (mum) was confronted by the grumpy skipper of a tourist ferry. Very amusing that visiting Celtic football club, fishing off the back of our boat as we went through Loch Ness, helping to tie up the boat and walk it through the lock’s, having his hair cut on the boat didn’t make the headline but it’s a great read and he worked so hard and purposefully creating it. I hope you enjoy.