A giant Squid has been accidentally caught off the coast of the South – West of England and is being transported to Plymouth to be given a new home at the National Marine Aquarium. Year 7 took a journey of discovery on Friday 22nd September, finding out if they could work as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) team to research and design a new home for the Giant Squid! Students took part in workshops focusing on squid anatomy and physiology, engineering, surveying and planning, and design, giving them hands-on experience learning and using these new skills. The teams now have until 20th October to submit their plans for the Squid Challenge, with the finalists being invited to return to the National Marine Aquarium where the winners will be announced! Good luck!



  • Barbara Langley

    What a wonderful project! Good luck to you all, and congratulations to Andy Brewerton for the way his educational brainchild is growing up and flourishing.