We have been working on the renovation of old wooden sailing dinghies that will soon be in the water for students to sail. We are confident that this will happen next half term. This will also link to the work of two school parents, Barbara and Dominic, and the heritage project around the Lynher, an old Tamar barge which students will connect to – see the article below.


The Lynher Barge is back!
After 13 years inside the boatyard, the Lynher Barge emerged last Sunday 7th May with her typical black coloured hull, as she would have been when built in 1896 by James Goss.
It was a touching ceremony, propitiated by a wonderful variety of people who represents our Waterways Community. Not everyone was able to attend so here is a video of the event, kindly produced by Dave Strudwick, Headmaster of the Plymouth School of Creative Arts.
Dominic and I wish to thank everyone who came to share this milestone with us, particularly the fantastic volunteer group and Jan Carpenter, local historian and Tug Master.

LYNHER RE-LAUNCH from Lynher of Cremyll on Vimeo.