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Blog post from 1st Making as a group:

This week we kicked off an exciting challenge based learning project with year 7, 8 and 9 students from Plymouth School of Creative Arts as part of our Connected Schools Programme.
The challenge – to set up a viable and sustainable community arts café created designed and eventually even run by the students themselves by the end of the academic year in July 2017.
The week began with the group identifying and the their unique skills and personalities; learning what each individual would bring to the project.
We then researched the surrounding local area; exploring what difference a creative community café would make to the communities of Stonehouse and Millbay.
The group ended the week creating some initial concepts and presenting ideas to the rest of the school; gathering some important market research data in the process.
It’s been a great week; and everyone is looking forward seeing all our ideas become reality.
Watch this space for more details on our progress!


Blog post from 2nd Making Week:

During our Making Week we were visiting The Devonport Guildhall and The Christmas Market. We did that because for our Making Project we want to make a Café of our own. If we want to make the Best Café in the World of History! We need to have some experience of selling things and having a conversation with the customers.

On Tuesday, we went to the Devonport Guildhall to ask any questions about running a café. We had a tour of the whole building including The Column Bake House. We asked them loads of interesting questions. We have planned everything out and wrote it in our books and technology. We also got an opportunity to chanced to climb the Column. It was very tall and as we got to the top, the wind grew stronger.

It was very scary at first for some people but then for the others it was awesome.

On Wednesday, we visited the Christmas Market because we helped Claire Burgess (the bakery manager) with her bread sale. We just had to give out free samples to the public. When one group was giving them out we noticed a lot of dogs and we just had to say hello. The groups that helped out found out that the public might not always say yes to trying food- the bread was quite tasty. The bread had some red onion, rosemary and sea salt which made the bread taste have a punch of flavour when you ate it.

On Thursday, Our group had got together and discussed the names and brands. We have been talking about names and brands of cafes and what we could do to attract customers. Its been so much fun with my group! We have been working together on all our work. Then when we have finished, Sue and Tendai have asked us to do a blog post and Vlogs. Half of us did one and the other half did the other. Today is Friday 16th of December! LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! We are all buzzing for Christmas! It’s the best term of the WHOLE YEAR!! We were going to go o a trip today but its been cancelled! It was going to be so fun! Billy stormed in the room and had a go at Tendai, it was hilarious! This afternoon we are going to watch the film ELF or other choices ( don’t tell anyone but ELF is the best! Sssshhhhhh).
Written by The Café Group!!!


Making Week 3:


Exhibition Week:

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