Music Mentors

Music Mentoring 2016 – 2017.

We are now taking bookings for music mentors across a variety of instruments. The sessions are 30minutes long and you can currently sign up for single or paired sessions splitting the cost. The sessions are £12 for one session and the sessions run in blocks of 10.

All our mentors have been selected after volunteering to work in the school in some capacity. They all share our love of learning, making and will be working closely with the music department to build on studio and school experiences.


Our mentors:

Alan (Drums)


Available: Tue 6-8pm & Fri 4 – 8pm.

I’ve now been teaching drums, percussion… music for nearly 30 years. It’s what I do… I would love to give some of my passion for this amazing gift to whoever wants to hear.



Jack Toy (Drums)

Available: Mon 4-8pm & Wes 4 – 8pm.


I have been playing the drums for twenty years, teaching and playing professionally for the last 10 years. Drumming has given me the vehicle to travel the world, and has been my soul purpose and calling since I was a boy.

I studied at Guildford’s Academy of Contemporary Music, under some of the best drummers in the country. Achieving a first class degree, I then went on to perform and tour in the principal Show Bands and Orchestra’s of the worlds leading Cruise lines; Celebrity cruises, Royal Caribbean and Holland America.

I travelled 5 continents playing in all manor of settings and genre’s, from Jazz, Big Band, Show Band, Rock, Pop, Funk, RnB, Latin, Motown and just about everything else. After the ships spent a year in New Zealand touring with theatre productions.

I am passionate and about technical drum kit playing, progressive and fusion styles of Music, and continue to practice and push myself on the instrument. I am constantly inspired to play, share, and teach.

I am excited to be here, PSCA is phenomenal learning facility and extremely unique.


Antonio Rocha (Guitar)


Available Mon-Fri 4-8pm.

Electric guitar/bass player, producer and composer since 1985. Antonio studied guitar with national and international renowned guitar players and had classes in Miami/ USA. As a music producer he ran his own recording studio for more than 20 years, which gave him a vast knowledge about recording equipment and acoustic engineering. He played with the best funk bands in S.W and with a few famous artists such as Otis Redding III. He has always taught electric guitar, bass and recording in one to one lessons and small groups.


Brian (Saxophone)

 P1000451 Lightened

Available 4-6pm Tuesdays 4-6PM:

My approach to wind instrument tuition is that of developing good sound, breath control and posture as a priority followed by staged development of such aspects as finger dexterity, general musicianship, creative soloing, rhythm and timing. Emphasis is given to musical analysis when learning an instrument to understand the shape and form of any music and assist fluency and meaning in any musical performance.


Jacob (Keyboards)


Available Mon -Thurs 4 – 8pm

Jacob is a prodigious song- writer, with several albums worth of material; his forth coming solo project will feature guest vocals from world renowned musicians including Vince Lee, and Michael Mathieson. His song, ‘Find your Way,’ written for Antimatador has been used for the Looe festival promotional video. Jacob has several years teaching experience, and a Grade 8 in classical piano.


Jo Ballard (Piano/Vocals)


Available Mon 4-7.30pm, Wed 4-6pm & Fri4-8pm

Jo offers singing lessons to help students with their confidence and to support them I offer vocal and piano lessons where I work collaboratively with students to bring out their creativity, confidence and connection to music through improvisation, song writing and exploring sight reading and musical theory. Working alongside students provides a natural opening into exploring dynamics and therefore expression through emotional and social connections with each other, myself and the piano. Finding the singing voice is an exciting pathway to finding out what and how you want to express yourself in the world.  Last year I worked to find what it was the children loved to do and how they liked to learn. Consequently feedback from 2 different students was “I could just play the piano ALL day!” Piano and vocals for younger ones aim to have a more diverse and multi media approach where we will be using puppets and creating soundscapes for example.
Students will have opportunities to perform their songs which can be anything from their own compositions or different styles and genres.


Steph (Vocals)


Available Mon, Wed & Thur4–8pm

My name is Stephanie Manley and I am a Professional Young People’s Vocalist and Singing Coach based in the city of Plymouth.

At present I am the resident Singing Coach at ‘The Grace Academy Of Performing Arts’ I teach students aged 3-18 years singing and performing arts skills, this takes place every weekend and also offers weeklong workshops during the holidays.

I am also currently running ‘Singing/ Self-Confidence Sessions’ at ‘Torbridge High’, I run the sessions within the ‘Tamar Learning Centre’; which is the schools inclusion unit. The students are referred to me by their Heads of School, the young people selected are students who they believe would especially benefit from the sessions, this could be young people with ASD, Speech and Language difficulties, ADHD, Young Carers or students with confidence issues.



Rosemary Babichev – Violin


The violin is an instrument that can make children into acute listeners, learning to find the right note by comparing the sound they make with sounds they make before or at the same time by others. A good sound must be worked at, but with daily practice your child can develop their skills as far as they wish, opening up a vast range of music and musical experiences to be enjoyed, from playing in orchestras to folk bands.  I have played in both of these, and performed at Plymouth’s Barbican Theatre and at festivals in the South West.  I have ABRSM grade VIII and grade V theory, so will provide the grounding in reading music that is essential to access most of this repertoire. Lessons can be individual or shared between small groups.


Sessions will be £12 for 30minutes in blocks of 10 sessions (please note single tasters are available upon request). To book please email cc’ing or call 01752 221927.

Cheques or cash to be handed to front desk marked VIOLIN MENTORING, YOUR NAME, CHILD’S NAME and CLASS/TUTOR.





How to book

To book sessions please email the mentor direct to book a place. Please then forward the full payments to front desk prior to the first session starting. Please note, payments must be received 24hrs (or more) prior to the first session starting.


Payments must be in clearly labelled envelopes stating:

Your full  name

Students name

Music mentor name

Amount paid

A contact number