Design Technology

Students take on weighty challenge!

Plymouth School of creative arts children are building 5 weightlifting platforms for the first ever weightlifting competition to be held in the city this Saturday 8th October.

Plymouth Barbell Club have arranged for the Olympic Weightlifting competition to be held in Plymouth School of Creative Arts and the students of the schools BTEC Construction course have volunteered to build the platforms for the event.

The competition will run all day from 10am in the school sports hall and sees weightlifters from across the South West and beyond, come together to compete to lift the heaviest weight.


Plymouth Barbell Weightlifting Open
The competition is a community event with local health and fitness businesses coming along to support by providing food, drinks and information on how you can get involved in trying something new. Spectating for the event is open to anyone for free.

Plymouth Barbell Club runs every Monday and Thursday evening from 7pm-8pm. It is an Olympic Weightlifting club that is open to all abilities; learn to snatch and clean and jerk or improve on the movement you already know. Contact us through our Facebook page for more information.

Dance teacher and weightlifter Emma Pendle says, “I’m so excited to be organising and running this event in the school, and to have the students so heavily involved in the process has been amazing. It’s really lovely to see the interest that it has sparked in the young people for weightlifting and I’ve already had a lot of enquiries about how they can learn and compete themselves.”

BTEC Construction teacher Martyn Roberts says, “It has been a really good task to undertake because it’s a real job. It makes the whole process easier for the learners to take ownership of what they are learning and experience a purpose behind the task they have been set.”

Sewing, Saws and Plastics

Students in Design Technology have made a flying start to the year; learning to work with plastics, making headphone tidies and getting to grips with the sewing machines. These three short films are made by students within Studio.

Plastics in Design Technology from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

Film made by David Year 8

How to thread a sewing machine from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

Film made by Louis and Jayden

Students make ‘Headphone Tidies’ from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

Film made by David Year 8


Writing, speed dating and laser cutting

Year 7’s have been creating characters for this terms project based on the skill of laser cutting. One of the tasks involved acting as their character in a speed dating scenario. This helped students develop their character’s personality profile’s and supported their writing around this.

File_000 (1) File_000 (2) File_000 File_001

Upcycling textiles

Upcycling was the theme in the textiles space this making week. Alex has made this hat using the offcuts from tailored suits. Year 3 and 4 students have also been upcycling old fabrics and learning to use the sewing machines by making bags.

IMG_1397 IMG_1401

A flotilla of colourful yachts goes bobbing by!

Students from year 3 and 4 have been making boats. Students have been learning about the design process , from paper to product. They have developed new skills in wood work and have combined these with their textiles skills to produce this delightful flotilla of yachts.

Yachts of every colour


Making aprons for preschoolers

Year 7 and 8’s as part of their making projects formed their own textiles company to create a set of cooking aprons for the preschool.

Students began by measuring pre-school students and choosing a style of apron which would fit the varying sizes of students. Working to a design brief which specified that the apron had to be washable and was to be used for cooking, year 7 and 8 students made four designs each to present to their student.

The preschool student then chose their favourite design which year 7’s and 8’s then made.

These images taken by textile studio staff and students really celebrate the wonderful learning and collaboration happening across this project.


Making aprons for preschool