The Maths and Computing department have just started working on an exciting joint project with Martin Stoelen from the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS) at University of Plymouth and Beatriz Rodriguez Lopez, to become the first school in the world to develop a robotic arm known as ‘GummiArm’. Currently a PhD level project, the GummiArm uses biomimetics with antagonistic pairs of ‘muscles’ to create a sophisticated ‘soft’ robotic arm:

In addition to GummiArm, we’re developing a second quadruped robot known as ‘Puppy’ to look into animal-inspired biomechanics:

Years 7 and 8 are working on geometry in Maths and manually creating geometric shapes, which they are then rendering using CAD software in Computing. The project moves on to using CAD and CAM software to 3D print their own ‘fidget spinners’.

Year 9 are working on biomechanics in Maths and then printing the components for the GummiArm and Puppy using our Ultimaker 3D printer. We have a forthcoming trip to CRNS to see their biomechanical robots in action.

Here is one of our experiments using simple robotics and commands to draw geometric shapes.