One of the areas we are keen to develop over the Summer term is the outdoor play areas. We would really appreciate your help in the following parts of the project, which we intend to complete this term:

  • Tables to add seating 
  • A large story-telling chair
  • A gate to separate the different play spaces 
  • Continued development of the play spaces – junk music wall, outdoor chalkboards
  • A pizza oven (we have plans and a budget, but this will need making and we would like to involve children alongside the adults)
  • A fire pit (will need digging)
  • Further planting (donations of plants would also be really appreciated)
  • Support to work with children on the maintenance of the raised beds – Phase 1 already work on these and Phase 2 have a project on conservation
  • A large container is being installed for storage of large items such as bikes for Phase One and camping equipment for Duke of Edinburgh
  • We would like to utilise everyone’s skills and energy in one Outside Making Project; bringing together as many members of our school and wider community as we can to have fun, work together, share skills and get stuck in!

If you are willing and able to get involved, either during the weekend of 24th/25th June or at any other time, please email

Thank you for your support.